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"John is a very clever individual who loves a good chat and has a lot of stories to tell some which I have to say are embellished but very intriguing! But apart from that I would have to say that whatever John turns his hand to he gives 150% commitment, and is like a dog with a bone until he reaches the Goals that he is trying to achieve...pretty much a pioneer John loves to have a go at anything, and he is great bloke who I'm proud to say is my friend. Dave Riding"

TESTIMONIAL for Rock walls On Gold Coast. ((Landscaping)

Gillian V. 

May, 2015 

"We used Rockwalls  on Gold Coast for our house renos which was a very big job, digging into our existing driveway, retaining wall around the whole front and side of our house as well as a beautiful stairway up to our entrance and another stairway on the side of the new garage, as well as our pool area.  I highly recommend anyone to use John - he is brilliant, we were 100% happy with our results and this was a big job.  Not only are his rates reasonable, he is very talented at what he does, his ideas/advise are brilliant and what a wonderful team to work with. He knows his stuff.  The whole family including the kids loved John!  Not very often, you get a person, when it comes to house renos that you can honestly say absolutely nothing negative about.  He even helped us and put us in contact with other good tradies to help with the rest of our renos.  He transformed our house - even neighbours commented on the wonderful job.  Truly Brilliant!!"